Majority of almonds sold is CSSR. NPS (Nonpareil Supreme) has a mild natural sweetness with a light skin colour. Top quality and making it the favourite choice among nut lovers. Delicious eaten as is.

CSSR (California Select Seller Run) has a nuttier amaretto flavour with a darker skin colour and wrinkled nut surface. Contains many hybrids (mixture of a few kinds of almonds) and is used primarily in manufactured products.

Gluten is only found in grains like wheat, rye and barley contains the protein gluten. Thus oats as such are gluten free, however often contaminated with gluten because they are processed in the same facility as wheat, rye or barley, and the same equipment is used to harvest the crops in neighboring fields. A number of companies have now began to process oats with clean equipment and grown them in fields designated gluten-free. These products are tested and can only be market gluten free of they contain less than 20 ppm of gluten. Pure oats contains a protein called avenin, which may cause problem in very few people if consumed in large quantities.
Buckwheat is not a grain and not related to wheat at all it is called a pseudo-grain. Buckwheat is gluten-free and safe for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. Studies have show that even in high concentrations, buckwheat flour and its purified proteins have no immunologic reactions for patients with celiac disease. Buckwheat is probably one of the healthiest foods that you are not eating. It is rich in trace minerals, including manganese, magnesium and copper. It is also a good source of the B vitamins: B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, folate, thiamin and choline. Its is also high in fibre, and iron. It can be enjoyed in various ways.

Yes, you are more than welcome to collect your parcel. Once the parcel is ready for collection you will receive a email, it will be ready for you to collect at the shop in Bitou Business Park (next to Buco just off the N2)

Yes I do, it is the store room where I operate from in Bitou Business Park, just off the N2, next to Buco, but you are welcome to come and visit me and shop directly from it.

I do not send out products that has a shelf life of less than 4 weeks.

4 to 5 working days (Due to the current state of affairs there is a delay on delivery so please be patient, but we are doing our best). Once the courier company has collected we will send you the tracking number which you will be able track your parcel with.
Unfortunately due to the nature of our products we will not be able to take back unwanted stock. If there is something wrong with the parcel we need to be notified within 48hours and HAP will then at their discretion replace or refund the product if the problem is due to our negligence.
Please notify me within 48 hours of receiving your parcel, I will look into it and make sure the correct goods are delivered and the incorrect goods are collected.
Yes, unfortunately if the parcel is heavier than 14kg an additional courier fee will be charged for every 5kg extra.
All around South-Africa, if the courier company can go there, so can we!
Yes, you are welcome to contact Denise, the owner at hello@haphealth.co.za if you have any questions. You can also make use of communicating via whats app 0828481711
We know that no one wants their inbox to be overloaded with information. So we will only send an newsletter once a month, it will include recipes, specials, and some educational information.
Unfortunately we do not sell activated nuts, these nuts are much more expensive and we are trying to provide you with the highest quality goods which is also affordable. You can easily activate your own nuts at home. I will send you instructions if you contact me.
It really comes from all over. As much as possible I try and source locally and directly from farms. But our labels are very transparent to the origin of each product.
Unfortunately our prices and availability will change all the time. This is due to the nature of the products we sell. If there has been an high demand or a bad harvest it affects the pricing and the availability.
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